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Teaching and Workshops

Writing tutors Highlights Foundation Workshop for children's writers.

Tutors Robert Blake, Patti Gauch, Dave Richardson, Jillian Sullivan. Highlights 2012.

Teaching and upcoming workshops

Teaching for 2012

Writing from the Heart Workshop for Highlights Foundation, USA. Joy Cowley and Jillian Sullivan.

Signing books with Joy Cowley

For Central Otago writers – I’ll be teaching two workshops in Wanaka: a Hero’s Journey Workshop, August 16th, and a workshop on Character and Dialogue, August 23rd.

Hero’s Journey workshop: All of us, at some times in our lives have to be a hero. For each of us, when we set out on our own quest and face trials, the myth of the hero teaches us there is a way through.

This workshop, based on the work of Joseph Campbell, gives participants a chance, through writing and listening, to be aware of the stages of the Hero’s Journey in their own lives – and for writers, in the lives of their characters. Use this workshop to illuminate your work as a writer – for plot, structure, or character development – or to understand your own journey.

Wanaka workshop:

When: August 16th, 5.30-9pm

Where: Rm 29, Mount Aspiring College, Wanaka.

Cost: $35

Character and Dialogue workshop: A fun, productive workshop. If you haven’t started writing fiction, you can start here. We’ll create characters and get them talking. If you’re midway in a writing project, this workshop will stimulate or deepen your character work. You’ll learn, by doing, where dialogue fits in a piece of fiction and what work it does.

When: August 23rd,5.30-9pm

Where: Rm 29, Mount Aspiring College, Wanaka.

Cost: $35

June – July Teaching at the Children’s Writers’ workshops for the Highlights Foundation in Pennsylvania.

I taught for a week with Joy Cowley and American writer/illustrators Bernette Ford and Suzanne Bloom. What a privilege. I love the atmosphere at Highlights. Everything is set up to nurture the writer, so they can go on and do great writing for children. The second week I taught fiction alongside renowned editor Patricia Guach, artist/writer Robert Blake and book seller and writer Dave Richardson. Again it was a privilege to be sharing the love of children’s literature and writing with these tutors and the writers.

Workshops for Children’s Writers and Illustrators

For twenty-seven years, the Highlights Foundation has been fulfilling its mission of improving the quality of children’s literature by helping authors and illustrators hone their craft.

In May 2000, we piloted a small workshop at the former home of the Founders of Highlights for Children, near the Highlights office in northeastern Pennsylvania. These workshops have grown to almost three dozen offerings a year. They are typically single-topic sessions, three to seven days, led by top professionals in the children’s publishing industry. These workshops are designed to help authors and illustrators achieve their creative goals.

Upcoming Founders Workshops
Faculty for the Founders Workshops
More details about the Founders Workshops


November 2011 to February 2012 – teaching Writing for Children, Summer School Massey University.
What a great paper this is, I’d recommend it to any writers. The three day workshop is definitely worth travelling to, and I enjoyed getting to teach alongside writer David Hill.

May 26 – teaching in Christchurch: Kick start the creative process with free writing workshops

This great weekend was organized to give writers a break from earthquakes and quake-brain and a chance to renew inspiration.Sponsored by Copyright Licensing Ltd and The New Zealand Society of Authors (PEN NZ Inc), the weekend included tips to writing film scripts, how to craft a play, the steps to self-publishing on Kindle and exploring the Hero’s Journey, which I taught.

Event organiser, Jenny Haworth of New Zealand Society of Authors, says both Copyright Licensing Ltd and The New Zealand Society of Authors (PEN NZ Inc.) realised the importance of getting Cantabrians writing again.

“The impact of stress on the creative process can stop writers in their tracks,” she says. “I’m hearing from writers across the city that many feel they’ve hit a brick wall and don’t know how to get started writing again.”

Ms Haworth says the 90-minute free workshops will be a chance for writers to re-boot their creative brain.

The workshops will explore the impact of the earthquakes on creative work and will include writing exercises to stimulate creativity and the expression of inner emotions.

For full programme details, see www.authors.org.nz

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