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Teaching memories America 2019

teaching america 2019

Now I’m home from teaching in America, back to snow on the hills, the fire going and writing in gloves, I have time to reflect on what it means to teach in that country.

There’s the gap between my experience of America – always summer, watching fireflies from the porch with friends on balmy evenings, prolific wildlife and trees, and most everyone I meet is creative, liberal and concerned with social justice. “I want to live in your America,” writer @CurtisSmith said.

And in their version is the spectre of the White House, the shameful history (as we all have), the cost of health and study, the depletion of the environment and the grief for immigrants. And here’s what happens in that gap – the writers are political. The writers are engaged, protesting through their words and actions.

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Aside from the pleasure of teaching diverse, motivated and inspiring students, there is the pleasure of getting to know the work of these American writers, the ones I teach with: @TawniWaters, @Charles Hodelfer, @CarlaSpataro, @ArtressBethanyWhite, @GrantClauser and Curtis Smith; and the ones who come to Rosemont College to read: @BethKephart, @J.C.Todd. @RandallBrown and @LizAbrams-Morley.

I’m thankful for their passion and their art, and especially for the role models of older women writers standing up for truth.

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