The Magic of Writing - Jillian Sullivan

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The Magic of Writing

Writing is magical. I can think of four ways to explain this. The first is mythological. As Joseph Campbell said, we cannot manufacture the symbols of mythology, or suppress them, for they arise within us.

Jillian SullivanThey’ll appear unbidden on our pages. And as the ancient myths show, when we set out on a journey, such as the journey to write, the ageless guardians appear to help us.

The second way is that writing comes from that deep unconscious well within us. Everything we have experienced we can draw on, and then more, for at some level we are all linked.

The third way writing is magical I understand as quantum physics, that life isn’t lived in a linear fashion but there is the possibility of it being circular. In writing we are exploring what’s already up ahead.

There are famous examples all through literature, and in my own writing some ways I’ve experienced that is writing a character only to have them walk into my life months later, or describing a house in a story and ending up living in that house.

The fourth way is that writing is spiritual. Or as writer Amy Tan puts it, “Imagination is the closest thing to feeling compassion.” And the way a writer manifests this is in compassion for each of their characters, and by writing honestly, for the reader.

When you write, you cross a zone into a deeper process. Remembering that writing is magical, you can respect that process, embrace that process and most of all, trust that process when you face the page

About Jillian

Jillian is an award-winning author for children, young adults, and adults. A mother of 5, a Grandma of 9, a teacher of the 'Hero's Journey', a cyclist and a builder of strawbale houses.
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