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A Guide to Creating is Now on Kindle

A Guide to Creating

A Guide to Creating was originally published in print form by Steele Roberts, NZ, as Fishing from the Boat Ramp – a Guide to Creating, and I am very proud to announce that after 5 years, it is now available on Amazon Kindle!

You can download the book free for the next 24 hours here: www.agtc.jilliansullivan.co.nz

Please also pass on the link to any one you think would enjoy it. I would particularly like student writers to have access to this book. If any reader would like to post a few sentences of review on Amazon I would greatly appreciate that.

About the book

A Guide to Creating is a book to inspire and sustain the person who wishes to live creatively. It’s an allegory about a wisdom guide, Godfrey, and a writer who struggles with her craft, with motivation and most of all, with doubt. In 56 short chapters, A Guide to Creating draws insights from nature to explore powerful, spiritual truths about writing and the creative life. If you want to write, this book will help.

As international author Joy Cowley describes it;A Guide to Creating – It’s a book of soul wisdom for everyone who has a bit of the artist in them … It’s packed full of comfort, handy hints, truth, lovely scenery, and the glorious freedom of being

“I would call A Guide to Creating a must for all writers, whatever their status. I’ve been writing professionally for nearly 50 years and was once Jillian’s mentor. With this book she had become my teacher.”

This is not a book you would read just once, in every chapter you will find a hidden meaning and a positive message. While geared toward writers, this book has been described as: “A naturalistic meditation on the creative life. Full of soul wisdom and the glory of the outdoors, A Guide to Creating draws insights from nature to explore powerful, spiritual truths about writing and the writing life.” A insightful statement from Summer Edwards, in Philadelphia.

It’s not only a guide for creating, for those readers who are not writers, artists or particularly creative types, you will find the easy bite-sized chapters wise and compelling and full of positive guidance. From teens to seniors, there is something for everyone within these pages.

If you wish to help share this book, you can access the Media & Bloggers Kit here:agtc.jilliansullivan.co.nz/media-and-blogger-kit. I am very grateful for any reviews and shares.

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About Jillian

Jillian is an award-winning author for children, young adults, and adults. A mother of 5, a Grandma of 9, a teacher of the 'Hero's Journey', a cyclist and a builder of strawbale houses.

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