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With Love for Publisher Steele Roberts

oturehua general store parallel bookThe first copy of my poetry collection, parallel, arrived at the general store yesterday, in the middle of a snowstorm.

The mail got through and I am so grateful to hold a beautiful new book in my hands.

I say beautiful in thanks of the craftsmanship Roger Steele and his team at Steele Roberts bring to every book they produce.

Graham Beattie, at the excellent Beattie’s Book Blog, had this to say about this Steele Roberts:

“I marveled at the consistent quality that this small publisher manages to achieve while often publishing in the most difficult publishing areas, from an economic viewpoint, e.g. poetry and short fiction. Have a look at their excellent website for a full list”

And more worrying, is how do small and passionate publishers continue to survive these days? A respondent posted this comment:

Greetings Bookman Beattie, Roger Steele continues to make a luminous and tireless contribution to local publishing. Which is why it is so puzzling and troubling that he received no Creative NZ funding this year for seven great submitted projects. Multi-national publishers with batteries of staff meanwhile hoovered up these taxpayers dollars. He is eating pumpkin (literally) and now poised to go under. Please investigate – and expose!”

Yes please – Creative New Zealand, support Steele Roberts! And readers out there – ask at your local library for them to stock a book of his you’d like to read. A library will buy it.

And if you are buying a gift for anyone, buy one of his glorious books that honour poets, artists, writers, musicians, historians; books that celebrate and promote New Zealand history and culture.

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