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Educational Publications

Launched and Other Stories by Jillian Sullivan
Launched and Other Stories (Pearson Education NZ, 2005), is a book of teenage short stories following on from Hey Tony. These stories deal with the issues that teenagers face in their daily life: relationships, love, death and school in a humourous, relatable and often touching manner. This has study activities by Ewen Middleton.


Myths and Legends by Jillian Sullivan

Myths and Legends – The Gift of Stories from our Cultures (Pearson Education NZ, 2007) is a collection of great myths and legends from some of the main cultures that make up the heritage of many New Zealanders and Australians today. Stories from Europe, the Pacific, New Zealand and Asia are retold in a style accessible for teenagers and adults. Teacher resource CD available from Pearson Education.


Hey Tony by Jillian Sullivan

Hey Tony (1999) is a collection of short stories for teenagers. Ideal for reluctant readers, these are tough, honest stories for those who live on the frontline. Janice Marriott writes that the stories “capture small moments so perfectly that reading the collection is like looking through your family photo album. You recognise everybody. Read this book and take a journey into the heart of the New Zealand.” Republished as Launched and Other Stories in 2005.


New Heights Series (Learning Media to USA)

Snowboard Challenge by Jillian Sullivan

Snowboard Challenge, 2002,  ISBN 0-478-27307-X


My Extraordinary Family by Jillian Sullivan

My Extraordinary Family, 2002, ISBN0-478-26751-7

Keeping Your Cool, 2002,  ISBN 0-478-27327-4

Help! 2002,  ISBN 0-478-26748-7

Gilt Edge Publications (for USA)

Constructing big air by jillian sullivan

Constructing the Big Air, 2006, ISBN 1-877404-24-1


Orbit Chapter Books (Learning Media to USA and Canada

into the unknown by jillian sullivan

Into the Unknown, The Lewis and Clark Expedition, 2005, ISBN 0-7903-1163-1

amazing ocean adventures by jillian sullivan

Amazing Ocean Journeys, 2006, ISBN 0-17-632432-1

discovering vinland by jillian sullivan

Discovering Vinland, 2007, ISBN 13:978-0-17-633477-2


Mainsails Series (Heinemann to NZ and America)

Cool Grinds by jillian sullivan

Cool Grinds (Three stories), 2009, ISBN 978-1-86970-607-4


Rainbow Reading Programme Ltd

Under Michaels bed by jillian sullivan

Under Michael’s Bed, 1995. ISBN 0-909045-47-X


DragonFlies (Learning Media to Asia, UK and America)

The Cat and the Stars, 2005, ISBN 10:0-790-31730-3

Junior Journals

Apples Again  (Photo article)
Shopping for Adam

School Journals  Part One

Two in One Week
Finding Breakfast
Not My Dad
The cat and the Stars

School Journals Part Two

Toby Mouse and Isobel
Napoleon Man

School Journals Part Three

Scaredy Cat
Roast Pork and Apple Sauce
Somewhere Wild
In and out the Window

School Journals Part Four

Mannering, Champion, May and…
Big Joe and the Missing Goat
Something Shared


What Happened on the Bus, Pt 2 Journal


Go For It    Pt 3 Journal
Be Inspired – Stage Challenge 2000, Pt 3 Journal


After the Service, Pt 4 Journal
Lilian on the Train to Tangiwai, Pt 4 Journal

Choices: (Learning Media for High Schools)

Dear Ex- Dad
Speech Final
Take One- a play for teenagers
Trade Secrets
Making Music His Life
A Message in Stone

Children’s television: – Chatterbox, NZ

Alexander’s Koala
Sophie’s Mum and the Dinosaur

Highlights For Children: (USA)

Going Up
Across the Estuary
Why We Don’t Go Fishing Anymore
Leaving Moscow
A Long Way for Chocolate

Power Zone Magazine (Canada)

Amanda M. Jones
Code Breakers